South Pacific Teachings

David Hoffmeister Teachings in the South Pacific

South Pacific Teachings

These David Hoffmeister teachings start by him saying: What we’re saying is that you have to open up to a whole different purpose. The purpose is, or course, forgiveness. This is the way you make it back home, back to Spirit. Similarly, when you invite the Spirit to be in charge of your relationships, then the Spirit will use them to clear away all grievances, judgments and blocks standing in the way of Love.

Spirit works fast. It clears the kaleidoscope. Yet, when you offer your relationship over to the Spirit, it can seem very disjunctive. It rocks your world.

That is because the foundation in which the relationship was set up with is faulty. It’s like the story in the Bible when one builds a house on the sand, then the waves come along and boom. It doesn’t take long till it’s knocked down.

The sand isn’t a foundation. It isn’t solid rock. Of course, we are told in the Bible to build our house on the rock. That is building our foundation on Spirit, so it doesn’t get washed away.

Most relationships to the ego are for gratification. For sex and for cuddling. The ego likes Dixie cup relationships. It takes a sip then throws it away. That’s how the ego views relationships. Little gratification, then throw it away. It is always wanting to change the form just to get some gratification.

David Hoffmeister Teachings from the South Pacific

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Gatherings in New Zealand (English):

Gatherings in New Zealand 2008 (English)

Instrument For Peace

Gatherings in Australia 2008 (English):

Enlightenment Talk

Rest Talk Trust


Before/After the Movie “Solaris” at the Noosa Retreat

Gatherings in Australia 2011 (English):

Runaway Toboggan for God

Clueless and Cared For

Easter Retreat in the Blue Mountains, April, 2007:

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

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