ACIM Guidance

ACIM Guidance

A Course in Miracles Talk Excerpt

David shares an ACIM guidance talk: Today’s talk is going to be about guidance and following prompts. The workbook lesson 49 from A Course in Miracles states, “God’s Voice speaks to me all throughout the day.”

That is really the topic of today. Because if God’s voice is speaking to you all throughout the day, then there are no problems. You can’t have problems unless you are not listening and not following.

In a world of complexity, which can seem to have overlays of problems making it seem very complicated and twisted, it really comes down to God’s Voice speaking to me. I need to listen and follow. That will give me a smooth and easy carefree day. That is what it is all about. Not complexity.

There is a fear of power in the mind of the dreamer. That is what this whole world is about. To believe you could rip your identity away from God is a very horrific belief. To believe the mind has the power to separate makes having power horrifying.

That is why this world was made up with many substitutes for power: solar power, nuclear power, electric power. All the different forms of power in this world. Military power, martial art power. Think of all the things in this world that are associated with power. There are a million things.

All those things were made up by the ego as replacements for Power, which is the strength of God. God is the true Power.

A Course in Miracles ACIM Guidance Audio

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