Blue Mountains Session 3

Blue Mountains Session 3

Session 3 Talk Excerpt

David talks in “Blue Mountains Session 3”: Basically, to be in holy relationship you just have to be open to the Spirit so that you remain free of expectations. I think that would probably be a large part of the book that Kirsten would write, would be the experiences of seeming to have expectations, and then realizing that the problem was not outside of the mind, the problem was holding on to the expectations.

Because whenever you expect something to happen, you know, you’re setting up parameters or you’re setting conditions. When you have expectations for a partner, or for a work situation, or work setting, basically, you’re saying to yourself.

My happiness, my peace of mind, depends on these conditions, and these things coming in a certain way. And then when they don’t come in that particular way, and the ego gets upset, you basically have the choice to go, Oops.

Holy Spirit’s Use of Jobs

Another faulty expectation I was holding on to, or blame, Why didn’t you do what you said you would? Why didn’t you follow through on this? And admittedly, people will say to me, what if you work at a job where you have to fulfill all these requirements and expectations.

I say, well, the Holy Spirit will work with your mind wherever you believe you are, but in the end, the Christ doesn’t have a job in the world. The Christ is a state of mind that has let go of the world. So you could see where this is going.

I went from jobs that I considered very challenging and difficult, to more jobs and more jobs and more jobs, but each set of jobs, each set of experiences, was an opportunity for me to expand my awareness, expand my consciousness, and let go of more faulty ideas and beliefs that I believed in.

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