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David: It doesn’t seem like it at first, but once you change your mind, people seem to change right before your eyes. Our mind is so powerful, it washes away these ideas like people will never change, they will always be that way, they will always be hurtful.

These ideas are just not true. That’s the beautiful thing. You just follow your heart. However it plays out, it plays out. But, you feel this connectedness; this feeling like nobody is leaving anyone. You don’t need to separate yourself from people. That is not being asked of us and that is a beautiful relief.

There is a part in A Course in Miracles where Jesus says, “You have many many strange beliefs, but perhaps the strangest of all your beliefs is that you have to lose the ones you love.” When you think about it in terms of this world that seems like a basic belief.

You’ve been taught to believe you only have a limited time with the ones you love. When that time ends and you lose them. If you think about it, these are strange beliefs indeed.

For a lot of people, there is guilt when you are happy. You are taught to behave “appropriately”. We usually don’t express happiness. We are taught from a child to behave a certain way. We are taught to control our emotions. Parents don’t want children who act out of place.

I remember, at my Grandmother’s funeral, these kids were racing around like it was a playground. People at the funeral were trying to quiet them and becoming agitated. They were saying, “This is not the time to be happy.” The kids were having so much fun. Obviously, children don’t have the same programing we do.

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