Blue Mountains Session 4

Blue Mountains Session 4

Session 4 Talk Excerpt

David talks in “Blue Mountains Session 4”: So my last so-called worldly job, teaching in the world, was an opportunity for me to let the Holy Spirit teach the class. And I showed full-length movies, we talked about all kinds of defense mechanisms in the mind, we talked about death and sickness.

I basically taught A Course in Miracles in a regular institution without using the words Jesus or God, with just using, basically, contemporary language and psychological language that would appropriate in a university or a secondary kind of setting.

Now that really helped me prepare me for what would come next, which would be doing it on a global basis, but that was initially how, that’s a little parable from the life of David, that the last job I had, I probably would call it my ideal fantasy job, to get paid for teaching the ideas that were so dear to my heart to art students.

Art students are very much into colors and paints and concrete stuff. These aren’t psychology students, or philosophy students. So that made it even more challenging to talk about these ideas, but they were very much interested, of course, as all human beings are, in reality, because they’re really tired of the misery.

So that’s an example of how Holy Spirit just uses what you believe in, but the whole point is to have you release concepts about yourself, and expand into higher concepts that approach this all-expansive concept of forgiveness, which is really what this is about, the resurrection is really about.

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