Blue Mountains Session 2

Blue Mountains Session 2

Session 2 Talk Excerpt

David shares in “Blue Mountains Session 2”: Imagine somebody goes to spiritual retreat. Maybe they become a monk and join a monastery. They meditate for ten, twelve hours a day. They are dedicated.

At the monastery, when they start to doze off during meditation, there is sometimes a monk who watches. When he sees a meditator dozing off, he has a little stick.

Whack. Ok, the meditator is instantly back in the present moment. The meditator might drift off again. Whack. Ok, you know, it’s just like the little stick of attentiveness. It is there so one stays tuned in. Stays alert in the moment.

In one sense, if you have a child, then the child is that attentiveness stick. The child is there for mind training, to keep you intuitive. There is no way that you can physically keep your eyes, your two eyes, on the child all day. You’ve got too many other things to do.

You can not cook meals, do psychotherapy, and go out to the grocery store all the while keeping your eyes on the child. That’s impossible. You’re going to have to become intuitive. Because you have to attend to other things during the day.

Of course, if the child is going to dive off a high place, you need to know that. You’ll be prompted to go over there and just whisk the child off the furniture. You need to listen to your intuitive voice.

But, there comes a time when you need to give the child over to the Holy Spirit, and trust that things are working together for good. You don’t have to be there watching him all the time. You can’t. This is all part of mind training and of trusting that Spirit has everyone’s best interest out front.

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