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Solaris Movie Gathering Talk Excerpt

David shares from a Solaris movie gathering: Tonight’s movie is a masterpiece. It is the creme-de-el-creme. If you really relax into it, it will take you into the light. This movie is truly a tool to let go into Spirit.

Earlier today there was the question asked about how to meet a stranger and have it be a Holy Encounter and lead to a Holy Relationship? I answered that people are partial memories. Everyone you meet has the script you gave them in the separation, the unholy instant. Everything was healed in that moment as well.

But, in the moment of separation, fragments were hurled out. They all were given meaning. When you meet someone and say, “They have an interesting personality.” You handed the part out. It is like having scripts and parts and handing them out to the actors and actresses all at once. You say, “You’ll be a boy, and you’ll be a girl.” These parts have a great bit of detail.

We play these scenarios out over millennia. The people you meet are holograms. They seem to be whole, in and of themselves. With a mind of their own and with their own memories, past history, their own ambitions. But, they aren’t what they seem to be.

The Planet Named Solaris

In this movie, there is a planet named Solaris. This planet represents the divine law. You’ve probably heard the divine law in many ways. Karma, how you sow is how you reap, what comes around goes around, giving and receiving are the same. It all boils down to what you extend is what you receive. In this world and in time, there are thoughts.

It seems the lessons of the thoughts will come around from, time to time. The past seems to repeat over and over. The only thing is there are gaps of time between the thoughts. But, imagine you took all your most intense thoughts and intense lessons and experienced them in one day. That is a taste of what happens in this movie when people come close to Solaris.


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Movie Setup

Australia Solaris 1 – 2008

End Discussion

Australia Solaris 2 – 2008

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