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David Hoffmeister

Beginning his journey to spiritual enlightenment in 1986, David Hoffmeister encountered A Course in Miracles. He quickly realized it as the tool he needed for a complete and total shift to knowing the Awakened Mind.

David studied A Course in Miracles eight hours a day during his first two years with the book. Having always questioned everything, David was delighted to find support and encouragement from the Voice of Jesus coming through A Course in Miracles. He finally had a way to question every idea, belief, concept, and assumption in his mind. For a former scholar, this way was very practical indeed!

Handing everything over to Jesus—day-to-day management, relationships, and money—David soon realized that with inner discernment, there was nothing to be concerned about. His life indeed became like a sweet walk on a summer’s day. No stones to trip on!

David Hoffmeister – Traveling and Sharing the Joy

In 1991, after 5 years of working with A Course in Miracles, David had the prompt to travel extensively. This was yet another leap into the unknown. He started going to five groups a week. As others directed their questions to him, David heard the Voice—which A Course in Miracles calls the Holy Spirit—answering these questions. In this new way, David heard very clearly to become as a little child, which meant to become totally Spirit-dependent. He knew, if this was Spirit’s prompt, he would be provided with all he needed: money, transportation, shelter, and food. He also knew he would be told where to go, what to say, and whom to say it to.

While attending groups of A Course in Miracles, holding day gatherings, visiting churches, and simply being invited to sit as a guest at the dinner table, David found his greatest trust and strength was to allow Spirit to speak through him, and this filled him with immense joy. He also witnessed others lighting up as they recognized this joy was what they were seeking for as well. Spirit was very convincing. David learned what was good for him was good for “the whole.” All these years later, he is still in service to “the whole” and continues to travel extensively.

David (while he is not traveling) and his devoted friends currently reside in Duchesne at the Living Miracles Monastery, as well as in Chapala, Mexico at La Casa de Milagros. To connect further with Living Miracles and explore more tools and resources, visit https://spiri.ai/us/read/get-connected-with-living-miracles.

For online access to the complete A Course in Miracles Text, Workbook, and Manual for Teachers, visit https://acim.biz/a-course-in-miracles-book-acim.

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