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David: Welcome everyone! I’m so glad you could come and share this time with me. I do these discussions around the world, in 21 different countries. We talk about coming to Peace of Mind. Peace of Mind is no small gift in this world because there seems to be so many distractions and so many things that are stressful.

In this world, nobody knows the Truth. There are so many beliefs. Everyone believes something different than everyone else. That is why there is so much conflict all throughout the world. But, the good news is deep within you is the Peace of Mind. That is the Truth this world is searching for.

We live in a time when the quantum physicists are saying the same thing that Jesus said: we are all one. In this vast mind, there is a little tiny speck of belief called the ego. This is the whole problem, this tiny little speck. It seems like there are countries battling and religions and people, but it is really only this tiny speck. It is like having a little speck in your eye and your eye gets watery and blurred, and you can’t see anything.

In my own life, it came down to a lesson of trust. I was told to trust that everything was going to work out and that my needs would be met. A big part of it was to never expect anything from anyone. No matter what they would say or do, I had to be ready and accept whatever was there.

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