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David starts off by sharing Switzerland ACIM teachings: Welcome! I’m so glad that we could share this day together. We would like to make this day as practical as we can. The Spirit works with your mind and with your belief system wherever you seem to be. So, if we talk about any ideas you have a question about or a doubt about, please feel free to raise your hand.

We will be sharing many ideas presented in the book A Course in Miracles. How many of you are aware of A Course in Miracles? For those of you that are not, we will explore the content of the book A Course in Miracles. But, more importantly, we will explore the application of the principles in your own life. Because many people are interested in peace of mind.

Using A Course in Miracles to Save Time

Yet, there seems to be so many obstacles and distractions that cover over peace. The purpose of our joining is to really save time for ourselves and everyone. To reach a state of lasting peace and have it be a consistent experience. So, I’ll start off with the summary of A Course in Miracles, “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the Peace of God.” T-in.2:1-4

So the way out of the ego’s perception is to realize first of all that the ego made it all up. As long as you believe in the ego, and it’s deception, you will experience conflict. Even soul mates or twin flames will go along life in happy bliss for maybe years, then wake up on morning saying, “You believe what!” The flame starts to flicker a little.

You like the word soul but you’re not so sure about the mate part. This is just another recognition that you need to forgive everything.

People ask can you be a happy person. Person and personality came from the root word persona. Persona means mask. Really the question asked is can you be a happy mask. My answer is no, you can’t be a happy mask. The mask needs to be dropped in order to find happiness.

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