Development of Trust

Development of Trust

Trust Talk with David Hoffmeister

David: Thank you everyone for coming this morning and allowing us to be here. Serving is always really a symbol of willingness. Development of Trust and Service are such an important aspect of the spiritual journey. Getting out of egocentricity and getting into giving.

Today our topic is development of trust. In this world, for children to learn and grow, it takes a lot of trust. They have to trust their caregivers. We all know intuitively how important trust is. You may say that it is the key to the spiritual journey, to awakening. Forgiveness is necessary in order to have peace of mind.

But, in order to really appreciate and experience true forgiveness we need to develop trust in the Holy Spirit of the Higher Self to lead and guide us. Sometimes we talk about faith and trust as being synonymous. And, we could say that is so, but sometimes people say you can have a lot of trust and little faith, or vice versa.

Where Do We Place Our Trust and Faith?

And yet, our mind is so powerful that we are always trusting and we always have enormous faith. The question is what we put that faith and trust in. It is not a quantifiable term. It is not like we have more or less trust or faith. It is simply a question of where the trust and faith is being placed?

Trust is not a quantifiable term. It’s not that you have more or less trust, or more or less faith. It comes down to the question of where you’re placing that trust and faith. This is why we practice discernment between the Spirit and the ego, between our True Self and the imposter.

To the extent that we give trust and faith to the imposter, to that extent we do not know our true identity as the Living Christ. That’s why trust is so important. Trust has to go up before fear will go down.

Development of Trust Audio

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