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David: This is the present moment. All problems rely on a past and a future. When Jesus said, “The kingdom of Heaven is at hand,” he meant it. The present moment is closer than your breathing. But, the ego makes up all the complexity of time to keep you blind. All guilt is related to the past and all fear comes down to fear of future consequences.

If you learn to live in the present moment, then you have no problems. All you need is trust. You learn to trust Spirit or your higher Self. It gives you very different answers than the ego. The Spirit is so gentle and so kind. It never commands or demands. You just get gentle reminders and instructions. Then you realize the benefit of following.

The Obstacles to Peace

It all boils down to the attraction to guilt. There is actually a part of A Course in Miracles called “The Obstacles to Peace.” Within this part are corresponding paragraphs. One is called “The Attraction to Guilt.” When I first read that, I asked myself, “Attraction to Guilt?” I thought, “That sounds sick.” I was shaking my head. Right after that section is another called “The Attraction to Pain.” I thought, “That sounds even worse.”

Then I read on a bit and the next section was “The Attraction to Death.” “This is going to be a very interesting chapter,” I said to myself, laughing. The ego uses a lot of tricks and it tries to make these terrible feelings very attractive. You could think of it as addiction.

People become addicted to food, drugs, people, chocolate. Addictions involve attraction. It is something you can not stop. But, you are attracted to it. So you are out of control and there is a conflict. All addictions involve pain, otherwise there wouldn’t be a problem.

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