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David shares ACIM enlightenment teachings: In a practical way, you start to see as you go about your life that the decisions you make are tied to a belief system. In one sense, living in this world is much like being a robot.

As long as you have programming, conditioning or unconscious training, then your life plays out as a result of those certain programs. Very much like a computer program does.

Programs loaded on a computer set certain things into motion which leads to a certain result. You might say that the riddle of human nature starts to fade away as you get in touch with and release what programs are running you.

Then what? How do you act? How do you proceed? That is where Guidance comes in. For one to learn to follow a new program, instead of hashing out the old one.

Guidance is designed to take over for past learning, past programing. It is designed to take over for all that conditioning. It is then not uncommon, when people go deep into their minds, they might feel quite depressed.

There is a certain stage in the spiritual journey we might call disillusionment. We might say, “The answer is just not here for me.” No matter how many things I have tried in this world to find the joy and the happiness, it is just not to be found in the things or the ways of the world. It is like a dismantling. Or like Alice in Wonderland where she goes down the rabbit hole. It can feel that way. It can be very intense and disorientating.

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