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David: Well, I would like to welcome everyone. It’s an honor that we can share this afternoon together. We will talk about many profound ideas. Hopefully, by the time you leave, you’ll have a much deeper understanding about what is going on in this world, what the purpose of your life is, what your true identity is, how to forgive, and how to experience inner peace.

Also, we’ll touch on how to open up to a state of joy and happiness. We’ll start with two songs as a meditation. This first song is from a friend of mine that channeled the Spirit through music and song. So you can just relax in meditation and feel the vibrations of this song.

You can let go of the concerns and thoughts of today. Just relax as much as you can and come into the present moment. The first song is called, “A Matter of Choice.” Listening to the Spirit inside of you is always a matter of choice. We can chose to listen to Love or fear.

The second song is called, “Real Love.” It is not really talking about romantic love or love of this world. It is talking about the divine love of God that never ends.

No matter what seems to happen on earth, you are always loved by God. God does not judge. He just waits for you to come back to Heaven. The second song is about ending the search in this world and finding the love in your heart. This is how we go Home.

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