Living Miracles Store

Living Miracles Store

What’s in the Living Miracles Store?

For over a quarter of a century, David Hoffmeister’s teachings have benefitted countless of spiritual seekers wanting to know how to live in an experience of the Awakened Mind. His works provide practical pointers which cut to the underlying issue of separation, or rather lack thereof. He also shares with us what lies beyond.

Being a guiding light, David has taken the journey many of us find ourselves on. Thankfully, he has made the teachings so readily available. Many can and have benefitted greatly in listening to the audios from hundreds of gatherings, retreats, and longer more intensive devotionals.

Though it is wonderful to attend these events, we can also have the teachings and the richness these audios, books, e-books, and DVDs provide. After all, these deep teachings are yours. It’s one mind joined forever in Joy!

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 This is what others have said about David’s work:

“I hardly have words to express my gratitude for this book. Clarity, joy, light and love leap from every page!”
-Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times best-selling author of Miracles Now.

“Unwind Your Mind offers metaphors and examples on the path of forgiveness. It takes the reader by the hand, consistently reminding us that forgiveness is the answer regardless of the perceived problem.”
-Jerry Jampolsky & Diane Cirincione, Center for Attitudinal Healing.

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