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David: Like I was sharing at breakfast, A Course in Miracles says the ego will pursue you beyond the grave. You can’t just die. It’s like those Freddy Kruger movies. It just keeps coming back and threatening. It’s never going to stop until you see that believing in the ego is silly.

Love is all there is and there never could never be an ego that could tell you to be something that you’re not. You could never take it seriously that there is anything other than Love. That is what I think is nice about the statement, we don’t need to think like that anymore.

But, in order to not think like that you just have to give up everything you think you know about everything in the world. Birth and death and bodies and growth. Even our concepts of spirituality. Reincarnation has to go.

I tell people even A Course in Miracles has to go. You’ve got to get to a point when you look at A Course in Miracles and you say, “Ok, out with that too.” Because the Truth can’t be described.

No one is going to rescue you from the world. You aren’t going to disappear one day, like someone’s going to come get you as in the rapture. You’re not going to be sitting there sowing or knitting one day, then all the sudden your body is going up in the air. No. It’s not going to happen like that.

You’ve got to go within and forgive the world, do your inner work and realize you’re the One. That is the second coming of Christ. That is the story of the movie The Matrix: you are the One. You are only pretending you are not.

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