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There is a line in A Course in Miracles which says, “Until you are willing to look upon the full extend of your own self hatred, you will not be willing to let it go.” When you go on this spiritual journey, the closer you get to the core belief, to the origin of the ego thought system, the more intense it becomes.

This is because on the other side of the core is Love. The ego’s thought system is a defense against Love. All the unworthiness, all the guilt, all the shame. The feelings of abadonment. All these feelings are certainly projected onto the characters, the people in your life. You go through your life believing these people are doing these things to you.

The ego is the belief in abandonment. All those projections just reinforce the abandonment feelings. It’s like drawing forth witnesses and evidence of what you believe. This is what makes the world so convincing. It was made by belief. Then, when you believe in it, you draw forth all these witness that confirm what you believe.

There is a term called circumscribe. This is when you believe in something and it then totally surrounds you. In quantum physics, they are seeing that everyone sees a subjective world based on their own preferences. There are literally 6 billion people seeing 6 billion different worlds. Because we have some elements of sameness about the sky or the ocean or the weather, this makes it seem like theres’s a real environment out there. But, it is more like, in Star Trek terms, a holodeck.

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