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A Description of It

Awakening Mind – We don’t go Home alone. Awakening is a collaborative venture. Undoing the ego and learning to live a life that is truly inspired is only done together. We don’t have to do it alone. This is such a gift! Together we are a gift to each other. It’s an invitation to extend the Love that we are and to forgive the blocks to the awareness we could be anywhere other than Home.

This is what we are together for. It’s our life. Spiritual community isn’t about having expectation. It’s about humility! Just as we aren’t interested in individual awakenings, we aren’t excluding, including, recruiting or looking to profit from spirituality. It’s simple. We’re here to wake up.

We have heard the call, which we answered immediately. We want to be happy. This is a state of mind, a yes to Love and not accept anything less than knowing Love is who we truly are. Spirit is using the symbol of community to save time. We come together because there is power in joining. This is helpful for the whole, the entire sleeping mind. Coming in touch with strongly held beliefs, which can be questioned in a non-judgmental environment, the release is instant. This relaxes the mind into an expanding awareness of Love and Light.

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