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David Hoffmeister Teachings on What Love Is

Thousands of hours of countless Holy Encounters have been, thankfully, captured in audio form over the years of David Hoffmeister’s travels and ACIM USA teachings. As he speaks from the Awakened Mind, these gold nuggets of wisdom are something even those who have been listening to David for years listen to again. If he were a composer, these would be his golden hits.

What is love? How can I find consistent peace of mind? Age-old questions like this are profoundly addressed within these superb teachings.

The content is rich and the message is clear. We can face things in our lives without compromise. We can practice listening to Holy Spirit and still be practical with our daily lives without detaching ourselves from life. Regrets need not be. False empathy can be seen before we act on it. Conflict isn’t a state we need to live with either. We are free and David shares how we can simply recognize it.

A lot of people find they take these audios with them. While commuting or during a break these talks come in very handy in realigning the mind and quickly finding a moment’s peace. It’s refreshing. Now, we get to join the travels and fun and listen to Spirit pour through in thoughtful parables, answers, laughter, and love. These talks are a lovely blessing!

ACIM Teachings Audio

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All Illness Is Mental Illness

Am I Rescuing or Being Truly Helpful

Anger Management

Devotional Retreats

Give Up Your Plan B

Going Deeper into Atonement

Only Interpretations Upset

Private Thoughts

Seeing Only Innocence

The Real Alternative

This World Is a Distraction from Heaven

Who Is Your Teacher?

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