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David: The purpose of A Course of Miracles is to have an experience where you have so much happiness and joy that you no longer react or respond to the world. You do as Jesus did, you hear only one Voice. The ego then disappears.

No more chatter, no more judgments or opinions and no more static, like on a radio station. Your mind becomes very quiet. You feel the flow of the Spirit. It carries you everyday. No problems, no financial problems, no relationship problems and no problems with the environment. You simply notice these problems are ego thoughts. With this, all dualistic thoughts of the world fade away.

Holy Encounters Everywhere

Then, the Spirit can use the symbols of the world to inspire, to bless, to bring happiness. You only use the body for communication – to let the love of God express through you. You smile more, you laugh more and you hug more. You have a sense of peace on your face because you have no stress. It is like you are from another world. It is like you are an alien.

You might hear people say, “You look like a human, but you don’t act human because you are so happy.” Yet, there is no one to convince. You aren’t trying to fill the world with A Course of Miracles students. I travel extensively, but most people I meet are not A Course in Miracles students, or even metaphysical students.

When you are on the train or traveling around, it is the Presence that is going to be teaching A Course in Miracles. Your attitude demonstrates the Peace of God. This is what people will gravitate towards. You become very friendly, very kind.

You can have a conversation about anything, you don’t need to talk about metaphysics or God. Yet, because you are so calm and peaceful people will come to you and ask, “How are you so peaceful and so kind?”

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