Rest in God ACIM

Rest in God ACIM

ACIM Talk with David Hoffmeister Excerpt

David’s talk on “Rest in God ACIM” starts off: The theme for today is rest. So, I thought we would have a taste of it. Rest doesn’t come from sleeping. Rest doesn’t come from all the things we think it does.

This is the land of the clones, and the clones made up their own version of rest. Like Jesus said to the woman at the well, “Drink of me and ye shall never thirst again.”

We could say the same with rest. “Rest in me,” Christ says, “And you will never sleep again.” You could think of that like a statement, “Rest in me and you will never sleep again.” Meaning, you will no longer be deceived into believing you are something you are not.

That being said, you can’t hurry rest. You can’t force your mind to rest. It has to be prepared. You have to make ready. The silence is already there, already present. You just have to be receptive to it. This is not something one does.

That is why we are always talking about trust and guidance. These are the inroads to the stillness and tranquility in the mind. People have tried to reach the stillness through meditation. Meditation can be a pathway to God. But, it is tedious and time-consuming. You need to devote many hours a day for many years.

Relationship and silence is the combination for the fast track. That being said, you still cannot rush a mind into being still. It requires a lot of mind training.

Rest in God ACIM Audio

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