Blue Mountains Session 1

Blue Mountains Session 1

Session 1 Talk Excerpt

David: Yeah, and when you get to, it’s very apparent that you just want to apply the divine principle that we’re talking about, those flashes of grace and joy, to everything in your experience, and the ego is really guarded against doing that. The ego wants you to keep pockets of privateness, pockets of separation, pockets of secrets that are not brought to the light, because it needs those pockets. That’s what it is.

The ego is like a secret, and once the secret’s exposed, it’s like, Huh, I’m not afraid of you. You have no power over me whatsoever. It was just by the secrets, or the belief that the ego is real, and certain pockets of things have to be protected, and so, you might say that relationships are really fertile ground for exposing all of the ego’s secrets, because so much, in relationships it’s so much so, OK, I have a special partner here and I don’t want to lose my special partner.

So it’s the old thing about, Can I even talk about this? If I bring this topic up, that’s going to open up a whole big can of worms, and there’s going to be all this debate and argument, and worst of all they may just leave if I bring up that topic. It’s like, let dead dogs lie sleeping, you know, kind of the old thing, just leave it buried. But when you work with the Holy Spirit, it’s like the Holy Spirit says don’t leave anything buried.

Exposing Secrets

You have to really be honest, and I, for many, many years, with no people pleasing and no private thoughts, have been working with people, and certainly the ones that Kirsten and I have met and worked with around the world, we are really basically saying, “It’s ok, as guided, to expose it all.” You know, to expose all the secrets, because when you do you realize that all is love; that it may seem to be that you’ll move through some periods of disorganization or confusion, but that’s just kind of like the water clearing and coming to this point where the only thing is love, once you’ve let go of all these secrets.

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