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Non-Dual Parenting and Spirituality

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The task of parenting and practicing spirituality is often puzzling to most parents. In these talks, David Hoffmeister answers many questions about being a parent while practicing spirituality. David discusses how to deal with emotions that may flare up, as well as the competition which might occur between parents, couples and even children. Harmony is a realization of the perfection of each moment regardless of how things seem to appear.

In this talk, David opens up the topics of true equality, and fear as it pertains to children watching violent movies and playing equally violent video games. Also, the discussion of how to talk with children about God is addressed in this power-packed talk.

How do you live a spiritual life if you have children and how do you balance multiple concerns? How do you see another’s best interests when you don’t even know your own? Is it possible? Are any of these goals realistic or are they pie in the sky?

In this talk, David offers the practical step of using daily life as a means to practice perceiving correctly. Day-to-day life gives many opportunities to practice forgiveness, equality and Inner listening.

This talk was recorded during a workshop in Sweden in May 2008, when 15 people gathered on a family home and farm. Spontaneously, the Spirit takes us on a journey around one of the most challenging topics we know. Jenny Fagerstedt translates parts of the talks into Swedish.

Parenting and Spirituality Audios

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