Runaway Toboggan For God

Runaway Toboggan For God

David Hoffmeister Talk Excerpt

David talks on the theme of the “Runaway Toboggan For God”: A Course in Miracles, for me, was a lifesaver. I had thrown out all religion. I threw the baby out with the bathwater. Too many contradictions. As I went deeper into the teachings of A Course in Miracles, I could see it wasn’t calling me to any kind of worldly life. Like a monk, or a traveling minister or priest.

Spirit was calling me to a transformation of consciousness. It was going out like Jesus without any money and no earthly associations or affiliations. Just me going out underneath the sun and moon, asking Spirit to show me the way, show me what is real and true. I took nothing from the world to prepare myself. I just went out saying, “Spirit, you will have to go out and prepare the way.” That is what my path was like.

It was a journey of increasing trust, better connection, and a sense of listening and following Spirit. With just that trust, everything was provided. I didn’t have to say, “Spirit you take care of the lodging and I’ll take care of everything else.” I didn’t have to negotiate.

I simply said, “I’m willing to be shown, but you have to take care of everything. You are in charge of the plan of awakening. I expect you to do your job.” That is actually a healthy attitude to have. If you have problems in your life, throw them at the Spirit.

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