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Movie mind training – Who would have thought you can heal your mind through watching movies? With you receive written reviews focusing on the healing and metaphysical content of more than 350 movies. New movie reviews are added weekly. As movies reflect many issues in our lives, this site helps us dive deeper to these issue’s roots. This is a real time saver! Let us tell you why.

While you’re watching a movie most likely you’ll have some kind of upset. Perhaps, a past thought comes to haunt you. Or a future dread reveals itself.  To get at these emotional roots, we’ve added worksheets with helpful autofill technology. These worksheets walk you through the steps of healing these upsets. You don’t need to stay stuck with that frustrating knot in your throat.

The use of these tools will help facilitate focus, which is otherwise difficult to achieve. To further support the process, there is also an online index to help you select a movie based on what upset is coming up for you.

We’ve made sure you’re not alone in the process. Once we get to the roots, we see these upset’s nothingness. We then can sink into a state of presence, our true state. It is really that simple.

Inventory of Fresh Movies for Movie Mind Training

Alongside our practical tools, we keep our inventory of movies fresh. Not only is there a growing library of mini-movies, we also have full-size movies with commentary and movie clips. Everything from classics to modern love stories take you on the journey.

Movie Mind Training ACIM. Our approach is a non-dual/A Course in Miracles fashion. Just as most ancient eastern religious traditions and even quantum physics, we believe this world is an illusion. With your open mind and open heart, the world will change by changing your mind about it. We’re here with you and join you in becoming a movie-watching mystic!

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