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New Zealand Teachings ACIM

ACIM Talk Excerpt with David Hoffmeister

David shares his New Zealand teachings in this article: As you start off on the spiritual journey, the Holy Spirit will use the symbols. It has to use symbols to reach the mind where it believes it is at. That is why certain books resonate or certain people or certain teachers. Whether it is Mother Teresa or Gandhi or Peace Pilgrim, what we believe these symbols give us can be used.

This use goes on for awhile, then you start to go deeper into meditation and get more tuned into the Guidance. Then you reach a threshold where Holy Spirit says, “All that served you just to bring you to this point. Now, listen to me.” This is the whole point of the book A Course in Miracles.

You’ve used the role models. This is good. But, deeper into the spiritual journey you realize you can’t go on the journey without crossing a certain threshold; you realize you can’t go on the journey trusting what your eyes show you.

In A Course in Miracles, Jesus says, “Forgive me your illusions.” What does he mean? Why do I need to forgive Jesus? What he means is now that you have heard His voice, you are going to have to overlook the man and accept yourself as the Christ. Don’t keep looking for a man named Jesus, or any other name, to save you. Christ is not a man or a woman. It is universal Spirit.

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