Clueless and Cared For

Clueless and Cared For

David Hoffmeister Talk Excerpt

This “Clueless and Cared for” talk starts off with David asking the audience a question: Are there any topics anyone would like to explore?

Question: Could you speak about consciousness?

David: Yes. It is a good one to discuss. It is like the word soul. It has so many different uses and connotations depending on what sentence it’s used and what philosophy.

Some talk about the soul being synonymous with Spirit and others talk about it in many other ways. As if it’s going through a journey, as if it has to be nurtured, as if it can come to this world and incarnate. There are many definitions. It is the same with consciousness. There are a lot of spiritualities that talk about the goal to become fully conscious. Some talk about the word Christ consciousness or the wholeness consciousness.

But, Jesus in A Course in Miracles defines consciousness as the domain of the ego. He never once uses the phrase Christ consciousness because he is defining it in a different way than the common vernacular of modern spirituality. He is making an absolute statement.

He does that with the term mind as well. He has a very specific use for the word mind: right mind, wrong mind, Christ mind. All three are very different. For people in psychology the word mind also has many connotations.

What we are going for is something that removes the limits. If this is the domain of the ego, then it definitely has limits. Spirit knows these limits. When we see them fall, we witness a miracle. Spirit has domain over the ego.

Clueless and Cared for Audio

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