Blue Mountains Session 5

Blue Mountains Session 5

Session 5 Talk Excerpt

David talks in “Blue Mountains Session 5”: Basically the ego wants pleasure and gratification, and so it uses relationships to feed itself, you know, to satisfy itself. So I would say that one way that you can tell about ego relationships, I call them like dixie cup relationships. You know those little dispensable, paper cups that you can get, those little things.

That’s how the ego sees relationships. It’s just, get a good drink, throw it out, and get another one. Get a good drink, throw it out. You know? It’s very much into gratification for itself. It really isn’t into open communication, trust, respect, honesty, all those things that, if you hear people that have, would say that their relationships are very harmonious, and very successful in that sense.

They would talk about those qualities, you know, trust, openness, respect, honesty, patience, so on and so forth. And the ego just has no, it just doesn’t want to put its time and effort into that, it just wants to get as much gratification as it can, and then move on. It wants to get things, it wants to get possessions, or money, or pleasure, and it just wants to maximize those things, and then it doesn’t really care where it gets them.

It can move on very quickly, on to other situations. And if those are the motives, if you’ve noticed those patterns in your life, then it’s better to slow down a bit and just say Wait a minute, what is this partner mirroring to me. What is this partner mirroring to me about my own sense of awareness and consciousness.

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