Mystical Mind Training

Mystical Mind Training

Mystical Mind Training Program – What Is It?

Mystical Mind Training is an online, advanced mind training program. It is for those who want an experiential way of healing the mind and undoing the ego. Texts, videos, music, audio files, and writings accompany a curriculum aimed at metaphysical understanding, and the essential transfer of training necessary for an consistent experience of peace. Along with the program you also receive ongoing contact with peers and hundreds of chances to share what you’ve learned.

Who Mystical Mind Training Program Is For

The Mystical Mind Training Program is for students, teachers of God, and miracle-workers, who have advanced in the curriculum of forgiveness, yet need additional structure, organization, guidance, collaboration, and practice to experience a consistently peaceful state of mind.

Topics Included in the Mystical Mind Training Program

Topics in the Mystical Mind Training Program include guidance, holy relationship, metaphysics, empathy, no private thoughts, trust and inspiration, the power of thought, special relationships, prayer, psychotherapy and teaching, discernment, mind-watching, enlightenment, forgiveness, and divine providence.

Counseling Module

The Counseling Module is an additional to the two-year Program. The purpose of this six-month module is to deepen in relationship and connection with the Holy Spirit; to deepen in awareness of how to be truly helpful, and to step more fully into function as a teacher of God and spiritual counselor. Practicums involve mentoring, facilitating sessions with individuals and groups, and serving on the Prayer and Support line through the Living Miracles Counseling Network.

Ministerial Program

For those who have a calling to be a minister with our ministry, this program also serves as the Ministerial Program thereof. This Program involves additional enrollment process and prerequisites. This Program provides an extensive support network, and a structured approach to completing the material in the program. After completion of the two-year program, a ministerial trainee may be commissioned.

A commissioned minister, having completed the two-year Ministerial Program, may enroll in and complete the Counseling Module, which involves practicums, in order to become licensed.

A licensed minister may apply to enroll in additional ministerial training in order to become ordained. The ordination process will involve additional courses and training. These additional courses and practicums are yet to be developed. Ordained ministers are appointed by the Senior Pastor of the church.

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