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Blue Mountains Session 1

Blue Mountains Session 1 Talk Excerpt David: Yeah, and when you get to, it’s very apparent that you just want to apply the divine principle that we’re talking about, those flashes of grace and joy, to everything in your experience, and the ego is really guarded against doing that. The ego […]

The Foundation for the Awakening Mind Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) explains the privacy practices of The Foundation for the Awakening Mind (“Awakening Mind,” “we,” “us,” and “our”), (“Site” and “Website”), and other services (“Services”) provided by The Foundation for the Awakening Mind. It lays out why and how we collect and use customer and Website […]

ACIM Online MP3

ACIM Online MP3 – Audios of a Traveling Mystic 44 Countries and 35 Years in Service to Awakening! Travel with David Hoffmeister as he “unwinds the mind” and shares the Love of God through joyful audio recordings from around the world! From anywhere and everywhere—you’ll love these talks from David “on the road.” […]

Mystical Mind Training

Mystical Mind Training Program – What Is It? Mystical Mind Training is an online, advanced mind training program. It is for those who want an experiential way of healing the mind and undoing the ego. Texts, videos, music, audio files, and writings accompany a curriculum aimed at metaphysical understanding, and the essential transfer […]

Movie Mind Training

MWGE.ORG Who would have thought you can heal your mind through watching movies? With you receive written reviews focusing on the healing and metaphysical content of more than 350 movies. New movie reviews are added weekly. As movies reflect many issues in our lives, this site helps us dive deeper […]

Living Miracles Store

What’s in the Living Miracles Store? For over a quarter of a century, David Hoffmeister’s teachings have benefitted countless of spiritual seekers wanting to know how to live in an experience of the Awakened Mind. His works provide practical pointers which cut to the underlying issue of separation, or rather lack […]

From Anywhere and Everywhere

David Hoffmeister – Gatherings from around the World From Darkness to the Light Anger Management Devotional Retreats Going Deeper into Atonement Private Thoughts Seeing Only Innocence

Switzerland Teachings

Switzerland Teachings Talk Excerpt David: Welcome! I’m so glad that we could share this day together. We would like to make this day as practical as we can. The Spirit works with your mind and with your belief system wherever you seem to be. So, if we talk about any […]

Book Signing Video

Unwind Your Mind – Back to God: Experiencing A Course in Miracles by David Hoffmeister To order online now go to: Are you ready to have your world rocked? Forgiveness must involve a complete re-translation of everything that is believed and perceived. Since 1994 David Hoffmeister has sat at […]

Devotional and Spiritual Retreats

Devotional and Spiritual Retreats The vibrant Song of Awakening is what the Living Miracles Community is extending in 2015 and beyond. It’s been a great blessing to welcome devoted ones to immerse with us in the Truth! Presently, this is how others can join us. We offer two to six […]